TRALAN Automobile Company Limited founded in 2006 in Accra, Ghana mainly deals in Auto engine parts including Cylinder blocks, Cylinder heads, Cylinder head assembly, Bolts, Gasket set, Turbo chargers, Overhaul kits, Hydraulic tappets and many more...

Our business principle
at TRALAN Automobile is

"Quality and Durability Paramount".

TRALAN Automobile is a registered trademark Industrial Company with the trade mark (TRALAN). With a warehouse and plants capacity of 2000 square meters, with sufficient stock, and deliver products rapidly after receiving order.

Over the years, with the business principle “Quality and Durability Paramount”, we have established better business relations with domestic and overseas partners, enjoying popularity and reputation among our peers.

At TRALAN Automobile Company Limited our aim continues to be creating best products and fostering better business relationships

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Committed to Excellent Customer Service and Quality Work. we are proud that our commitment to quality service has earned us consistent high marks in customer satisfaction

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